hat is important in the implementation of design is to understand the message and depth of the project. The effects of this process can then exceed our expectations.

n Japanese culture KODAMA is a spirit who looks after a particular tree. He ensures that it is treated with due respect and severely punishes waste.

e offer expertise and experience.

urniture should not only be made-to-measure, but must also be an integral part of the interior and highlight its character..

very single wooden element – even the seemingly most useless – is valuable, and can be the beginning of a great project. Here is the result of an unusual perspective on wood – a table made from more than a thousand pieces of wood

e assist in the implementation of the craziest projects!

e welcome you to cooperate with us.

…Let's create together

& NOKEarchitects
for Haircology.

We have given a new lease of life to over a thousand pieces of reclaimed wood.
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Working with wood requires a lot of knowledge, experience and commitment.  Well-designed and manufactured wood products can be enjoyed for years.  That is why we strive to provide solutions which are beautiful, functional and offer excellent quality.  We provide you with access to unique and high-quality products that will meet diverse expectations and needs.  We are confident that by choosing our company you will be satisfied with our products and service. 
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